Tips On How To Wear Oversized Sweaters


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Fortunately, we can all wear big sweaters without worrying about looking like we’re being consumed by them. You just need to style them a bit! Inspired by two big sweaters I just bought for myself, I looked up some outfit ideas and wanted to share them with you.

Check out these tips on how to wear oversized sweaters.

It’s the comfiest thing you’ll ever own!

The oversized sweater is the most cozy trend.
If you think that hiding your silhouette forms and showing a silhouette range without a defined shape could make you look plump, think again!
If you do the right combinations, if you wear the right pieces together, the outfit might look incredibly cool and edgy.
I love to wear simple pieces as well as graphic details, statement sleeves or metallic iridescents.

Here are my favorite combinations, where the oversized sweater is the star:

  • With a slip-style skirt, silk or satin, sometimes with lace details. I simply love it!
  • If it’s not very cold outside and you can’t give up on those fine summer dresses, wearing them with a soft sweater gives you a unique contrast.
  • Play with sizes. Put an XXL sweater with flared bottom jeans.
  • Wear a sweater with leather skirt, stockings and stilettos. Or sandals. Or clogs.
  • For a casual look, wear it with black jeans. And maybe some boots.
  • Combine it with a tulle skirt for a chic outfit. Or a sequin skirt.
  • Keep it simple! Pair it over black leggings, add ankle boots, and throw on a hat. You’re good to go basically anywhere.
  • If you buy a sweater a size bigger than you normally are, wore it as a dress with over the knee boots. It is comfy and it looks cute!
  • A big sweater, leggings, and Oxford shoes is a comfortable and cute outfit. Let your oversized sweater fall down one shoulder for a cute, casual look.
  • Wear a big sweater, a scarf, leggings, and knee high boots!

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