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If you managed to get some time and money for a vacation you want to spend at the seaside, let me help you pack your bags so you do not forget anything you need, so then you need to buy from the resort.
First of all, when I think of a trip at the seaside, I start with the number of days I’m going to spend there, at least, because that’s how many clothes I take with me.

Before leaving for holidays I used to promise myself that I won’t pack half of the dressing. Especially when summer clothes are thin, not bulky and I could theoretically have enough pieces for several outfits without taking up much room. 🙂
After I returned from vacation with half-trolley full of unworn clothes, I came to my senses. 🙂
Here’s how:

  • Once I laid out on the bed all the items, I just cut it into half. And get rid of half of what’s there. Drastic at first sight. Then I realize that some items have been suffocated in the bag, and returned untouched.
  • The next step is to imagine moments and things you do on vacation (beach, sports, dinner, sightseeing, etc) and bring one outfit for each activity time. All that remains in addition is not necessary.
  • I choose a color palette and build outfits around it, choosing parts that can be combined with each other and can easily be matched with several outfits.
  • Pack shoes at the bottom of the suitcase and underwear around.
  • Make sure you fill the corners. More space can be wasted if the suitcase is not properly filled.
  • Roll every item that can be rolled as this will negate creasing.
  • If you take anything remotely tailored, turn it inside out and tuck in the sleeves and it will arrive in the best shape possible.
  • I always take at least a jacket for cool evenings. They are comfortable, versatile and easy to pack.
  • 1-2 colorful scarves. They occupy very little space and can be used as a turban to protect my hair from the sun, as a pareo on the beach or around my neck to invigorate the attire.
  • A colored dress can be worn during the day with Roman sandals and sunglasses and in the evening with platforms or stilettos with a discreet jewel.
  • I’m not skimpy when it comes to bathing suits! 🙂 Just my luck that they occupy little space. At least one per day. And sometimes 1-2 in addition so I can mix bras and bikinis at will. 🙂
  • Everything related to beauty needs to be 50ml or less, because I have quite a few „indispensable” products in this area. 🙂

If you’re staying in a tent:

  • You have to take a tent with you, of course, with a hammer you can mount it on, otherwise you get to use bigger stones, or you look for a hammer to your neighbors.
  • The sleeping bag is your bed. If you forget it at home, you have to cover with clothes, towels, or buy one at the seaside. Can not sleep at night without him.
  • The isoprene makes sleep more peaceful if it rains or is cooler, because you do not feel the ground directly under your sleeping bag.
  • An umbrella. If you take a big beach umbrella with you, you can protect your morning sunshine tent, especially if you put it on the beach and extend your sleeping hours. Plus, the umbrella is useful if the rain gets to you. In the rain, if you have a plastic foil, you can save all your luggage from being watered by the water that could pass through the tent. If you cover the tent in the rain it no longer leaks through the material.
  • The mosquito machine and pills make the night a lot more peaceful, because the sea is full of mosquitoes, as a rule. You better use protection against them, than scratch you all day because of the hoarseness.

Don’t bother too much with packing, it is important to have a good vibe with you and have fun!

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